Audit Intern - Spring 2022 (Carmel, IN)

Last Updated:Oct 24th, 2021


Audit Intern - Spring 2022 (Carmel, IN)

Type: Standard
Location: Carmel
Application Due Date: Dec. 27, 2021
Starts: Dec. 27, 2021
Full Time
Part Time


We strongly believe we offer the best public accounting internship opportunity in the industry. Our internship program offers:

  • The opportunity for practical hands on, real world experience. Audit interns complete an average of 35 audits, and tax interns complete an average of 250 tax returns. 
  • The opportunity to receive valuable feedback. Our interns receive and discuss bi-weekly evaluations with management, and each intern has an identified ‘buddy’ on each engagement to quickly address questions. This continual feedback process ensures that interns are learning and growing, and can raise any questions or concerns they may have to ensure a positive experience.
  • The opportunity to begin your career. In 2020, 95% of interns received a full-time offer following the successful completion of their internship, and currently almost 75% of DOZ’s full-time staff were former DOZ interns.
  • The opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere. DOZ offers a welcoming, friendly workplace. Many of our interns and former interns have met their closest friends during their internship!
  • The opportunity to make a difference. DOZ serves those in the affordable housing industry that work to provide safe, affordable housing for individuals across the country. Our Charitable Foundation provides interns and staff the opportunity to perform outreach work and financial support to causes and organizations important to them.


  • Complete audits while assisting with planning, fieldwork, and financial statement preparation.  With the opportunity to work on all areas of the audit, a DOZ audit intern is prepared for audit class back on campus.  If you’ve already taken your audit class, the DOZ internship provides invaluable “real life” examples to help you better understand your classroom experience!
  • Each intern will complete, on average, over 35 audits from start to finish and also have the opportunity to write the audit reports!  Is there any better learning opportunity than on the job experience?  Your busy season of experience will give you an advantage when you return to campus!
  • Be challenged! Put into play what you’ve already learned in the classroom!
  • Work over 60 hours per week and experience busy season first hand!
  • Work closely and collaborate with others in a team oriented atmosphere.
  • Work on multiple clients during your internship to add different perspectives and additional learning opportunities.
  • Work with your assigned DOZ buddy to help you get acclimated.
  • Receive and discuss your intern evaluations every two weeks with the engagement in-charge.
  • Meet with a Member who will act as your mentor throughout your internship and discuss your performance and your overall experience together.


Intern candidates at DOZ are accounting majors who generally are in their 3rd year of a 4 year degree program or in the 4th year of a 5 year program. Interns are on track to graduate with the 150 credit hours required to sit for the CPA exam. The preferred cumulative and major GPA is 3.2.

DOZ interns are hard-working leaders with strong communication skills. They are self-motivating and use problem solving skills to accomplish challenging tasks.

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