Did you know that Minnetrista means ‘a gathering place by the water’? How much do you know about the influential family responsible for Ball jars, Ball Memorial Hospital, Ball State University, and Minnetrista?

Dive into the rich history of East Central Indiana, and discover our shared heritage.

A Ball Family Legacy

Minnetrista, “a gathering place by the water,” takes its name from the original F.C. Ball home that once stood on this site.  This name applies now more than ever as Minnetrista keeps this name alive through programming, workshops, and exhibits. 

Minnetrista Heritage Collection

More than 10,000 square feet of behind-the-scenes space at Minnetrista is devoted to the preservation of the artifacts and archival material that document the history of East Central Indiana.  Browse or search the Heritage Collection online.

The Gardens

Your garden experience at Minnetrista is always FREE! Browse our themed gardens and natural areas to see examples of different techniques and plantings. Visit the gardens on our 40-acre campus to relax and unwind. You may even want to put your gardening skills to work for Minnetrista as a volunteer. Gardens photo gallery

Natural Areas

Minnetrista is home to a diverse and rich community of native Indiana plant and animal species.  See plenty of wildlife near the riverbank or take a quiet walk through the Nature Area, our six-acre certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

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