Sales & Marketing Internship/Facility Maintenance (Summer 2024)

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Last Updated:Jan 6th, 2022

World Baseball Academy, Inc.

Sales & Marketing Internship/Facility Maintenance (Summer 2024)

Type: In Person
Location: Fort Wayne
Application Due Date: Apr. 30, 2024
Starts: May. 13, 2024
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


At the World Baseball Academy (WBA), Sales/Marketing interns will be given a hands-on experience through a variety of opportunities. Schedules will be individually tailored to meet their school’s requirements with the intention of helping them develop in their chosen field. As a nonprofit, our marketing department is key to the success of our program fundraising. Interns will learn about the inner workings of a nonprofit, have the opportunity to fine-tune their communication skills, and expand their network in the greater Fort Wayne area. Interns will also help make critical contributions by securing auction items for our WBA Dinner on the Diamond event which helps fund our at-risk youth programming. This is an unpaid internship located at World Baseball Academy’s ASH Centre Campus at 1701 Freeman Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 


Interns will need to be curious and open to new challenges. Interns need to be able to work with others and be able to take ownership of the projects given to them. Interns should be on time and be professional. Specifically, sales interns will be contacting local Fort Wayne business’s to inquire about items to be donated for our Dinner on the Diamond Event and communicate about the heart of the WBA. Interns will need to keep a detailed account of who they contacted, who responded and then secure the items donated from the businesses. It’s a great responsibility for a great cause!


The ideal Intern needs to have strong communication skills and customer service qualities. They also must be able to be assertive in order to procure donations from potential item donors. Securing items is an important part of fundraising for our organization. This position is critical to our programs and developing the next generation of young leaders. 

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