Care Educator (Early Childhood Education)

Last Updated:Oct 5th, 2022

Charity Cares Inc.

Care Educator (Early Childhood Education)

Type: In Person
Location: Indianapolis
Application Due Date: Oct. 30, 2022
Starts: Oct. 30, 2022
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


The intern and work-study program at Charity Cares Early Academy provides an opportunity for students to gain quality experiences in a community-based early childhood setting supporting children and families of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Students will be actively engaged with Charity’s staff, children, and families utilizing a co-teaching model through experiential, work-based learning. Interns will undergo a three-day new hire orientation. Thereafter, interns will be paired with a senior staff member who will serve as their mentor during the internship. Interns will be provided with ongoing opportunities for professional development specific to their work area. 

Our organization provides interns an environment to cultivate and implement professional skills and talents and gain holistic feedback. During new hire orientation, the internship supervisor will provide the intern with a list of professional skills gained during the course of employment and assigns tasks that help the intern gain those skills. Assigned work is at a difficulty level equal to or slightly higher than the intern’s skill and knowledge level and will require the intern to research answers to questions and apply skills and problem-solving abilities. Interns have the opportunity to work with a team of employees to accomplish Charity's overall goals. 


  1. Assist Lead Care Educators with the children’s daily care and education routines
  2. Implement daily schedules, care routines, lesson plans, and schedules
  3. Document children’s care and education, daily routines, developmental milestones, and other necessary information
  4. Maintain Care Space duties that are equally shared among ALL Care Space Staff completed Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or As Needed Basis
  5. Maintain all required classroom recordkeeping, child reports and assessments, and monthly professional development training
  6. Maintain a calm, organized, structured, stimulating, nurturing environment where children are cared for, thrive, learn and play
  7. Maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for children in care; monitor children’s health; and report any suspected abuse
  8. Maintain compliance of all governing policies, standards, and regulations for Charity, FSSA licensing, Paths to Quality, and NECPA accreditation
  9. Maintain confidentiality with families (per direction of Lead Staff) and with other staff members
  10. Maintain open communication with children, families (per direction of Lead Staff), classroom staff, and other staff members
  11. Provide daily implementation of the assigned schedule, lesson plans, and activities to promote individual child goal progression
  12. Provide direct engagement and interaction that supports emotional, social, physical and cognitive development
  13. Provide loving care and education to all children in care and establish routines that promote and encourage positive guidance
  14. Provide positive guidance, establish predictable routines, and implement positive, affirming discipline techniques as necessary
  15. Provide quality supervision, both sight and sound, with children continuously throughout the day while maintaining ratios
  16. Additional duties as deemed necessary to maintain the overall success of Charity


Charity Cares Early Academy operates within the confines of all governing agencies. For this position, students who most closely match the following criteria will be considered for employment:

  1. Candidates with prior experience in early childhood, elementary education, health and human services, pediatric health, fine arts, and technology are encouraged to apply. 
  2. Complete required professional development commitment of 24 hours annually
  3. Possess the ability, competence, and knowledge to implement program rules and regulation
  4. Respect and love for children and their families
  5. Maintain a disposition to work positively within a Team

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