Operator Intern

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Last Updated:Mar 3rd, 2023


Operator Intern

Category: Manufacturing
Type: In Person
Location: Mt. Vernon
Application Due Date: Mar. 31, 2023
Starts: Apr. 3, 2023
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


Skills Learned/Developed in Internship Program A. Manufacturing Operations and Work Processes 1. Ability to develop an in-depth understanding of the unit process and equipment. 2. Technical knowledge and experience in manufacturing operations, including process parameters, P&ID;’s, operating equipment and systems. 3. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve operational problems. 4. Ability to understand and apply written technical instructions. B. Communication 1. Ability to effectively communicate (written/oral) and positively interact with all employees. 2. Ability to use Conversation Protocol tools. C. Computer Skills and Knowledge 1. Ability to learn, navigate, and use computer, software and other electronic tools (SAP, IP21, Qualtrax, EMOC, Gensuite and others) as required to perform job duties in your operation.


Learn and adhere to all applicable work processes. Enter quality equipment repair work notifications in SAP. Perform planned Operator Performed Maintenance tasks as required and trained. Actively participate in daily control room meetings. Perform analytical testing as assigned. Ensure product quality meets the company guidelines and customer specifications. Communicate as required when material is outside of specifications. Enter accurate information into the data systems as required by your operation.


Maintain a 3.0 GPA in the current program enrolled (Process Operations). 18 years of age.

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