Administrative Assistant Intern

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Last Updated:Apr 19th, 2024

BoilerMASTERS, Inc.

Administrative Assistant Intern

Type: In Person
Location: Pittsboro
Application Due Date: Apr. 5, 2024
Starts: Apr. 8, 2024
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


BoilerMASTERS, Inc. is a mechanical contractor spectializing in boilers, burners and industrial fuel burning equipment. Started in 1988 by two brothers, it has slowly grown to 10 full time team members and we are planning our continued growth.

This internship will be supervised by the President & CEO of the company. There will be training on our company, our values, how to complete and understand the tasks performed and lessons on operating, managing and owning a company.

We would like for the intern to learn how to be an Ideal Team Player for any employer. How to think about becoming a linchpin to solidify your skills and position in the workplace.


This internship will span across multiple departements; Operations, Accounting, HR, Sales and Service. Some of the expected tasks/projects will be:

Reviewing reports and updating system information based off research (PO delivery dates, open orders, inventory, expired quotes...).

Asset management - perform audits, regular maintenance, repairs.

Layout & design of processes, proceedures and company trainings.

Develop and organize master documents.

Assist with project planning for larger projects.

Assist with inventory audits and planning.

Manage and organize files and media from various sources.


  • Superior communication skills and collaborative nature.
  • Integrity to maintain company and staff confidentiality.
  • Expert computer skills and experience including database, inventory, spreadsheet, email, word processing, task management and other similar programs.
  • Analytical & problem-solving skills with attention to detail and quality.
  • Ability to learn new information quickly, think critically and adapt to a constantly changing environment.
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Confident in learning new skills on the fly.
  • Ability to prioritize and organize multiple, time sensitive projects.
  • Maintain files and company information.

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