Veteran Program Support Intern

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Last Updated:Jun 6th, 2024

Mental Health America of Hendricks County

Veteran Program Support Intern

Category: Human Services
Type: Hybrid
Location: Avon
Application Due Date: Jun. 17, 2024
Starts: Aug. 1, 2024
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


At Mental Health America of Hendricks County, our mission is to promote mental wellness and suicide prevention within the community. Through our social club, members actively engage in our facility and programs by volunteering, providing leadership, offering peer support, and fostering innovation. Additionally, we conduct suicide prevention training, promote responsible gun lock distribution, and provide information on suicide crisis lines such as 988. Lastly, we offer educational sessions on mental health and wellness, self-care practices, as well as discussions on mental illness and combating stigma.

At MHAHC, we take pride in considering our internships hands-on learning experiences. If you intern with us, you'll get a wide range of experience as well as access to staff members who can help coach you and teach you practical skills to supplement your education. A general interest in mental health is, of course, a plus in any of our positions.

Our internship opportunities are flexible to work with you. All interns are expected to work at least 20 hours per week, and to be available for 8 weeks (preferably consecutive) during the internship period. However, interns who work closer to a full-time work schedule typically gain more from their experience. We may adjust these requirements upon request to meet the needs of your stipend program. Opportunities are generally available year-round, but summer positions are the most popular and most competitive.

Please note that we do not provide clinical internships. 



Assist Veteran Program Coordinator in providing support and services to clients

Conduct intake assessments and gather information about clients' needs

Provide crisis intervention and support to clients in need

Assist in connecting clients with community resources and services

Conduct outreach and advocacy on behalf of clients

Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of client interactions

Collaborate with other community partner professionals, such as counselors and therapists, to provide comprehensive care for clients

Participate in trainings and professional development opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge in the field of social work practice

Attend outreach events in community 


Currently enrolled in Human Services program

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Ability to work effectively in a team setting

Empathy and compassion for individuals in need

Knowledge of social work principles and practices

Ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism in all interactions

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