St. Joe County Public Library

St. Joe County Public Library

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Location: South Bend, IN  46601


The St. Joseph County Public Library (SJCPL) has served the people of St. Joseph County, Indiana, since 1889. Through 10 branches located in urban and rural areas, SJCPL strives to reflect the diversity of the local population and meet the needs of all patrons. The Library provides free and equal access to information and education. Engaging programs, classes, exhibits, and author talks are offered for all ages. From Studio 304 Digital Media Lab to smARTbox, SJCPL pushes the boundaries about what it means to be a library. SJCPL serves everyone in their pursuit to learn, discover, and experience.

A job at SJCPL is a chance to give back to the community while also gaining real life experience in a dynamic and challenging environment. People who work at a Library are committed to public service (and also get to spend their day surrounded by books).

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