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Welcome Sally Saydshoev!

Indiana INTERNnet is pleased to welcome our new Assistant Director of Educator Engagement, Sally Saydshoev. She spent the past 7 years working in higher education and most recently as the director of career services at Indiana University East.

Sally is eager to meet the many educators across the state of Indiana including those in the K-12 school systems. She served with the Business Education Committee in Wayne County, Forward Wayne County Workforce Coalition, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Career Development Professionals of Indiana (CDPI). Sally has enjoyed her time working with students and is now excited for this next adventure to assist educators, employers and students developing a relationship towards talent retention and workforce development across the state.

Background & Story

Sally grew up in Sharpsville, Indiana and spent most of her life living in the Hoosier state. After high school, Sally went on to …

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Timing Your Internship Search Right

Many degree programs require students to obtain an internship experience for credit. It is something that is expressed in the graduation requirements that freshmen learn about, but at that point junior or senior year can feel very far off. It is important to keep internships in the back of your mind, no matter what point you’re at in your college career. It can be difficult to work these types of roles into your schedule, and if you wait until the last chance to get an internship under your belt it may not be an experience that proves helpful for your post-graduation pursuits.

Here are three tips to help keep you on track:

Keep tabs on your favorite companies

Do some research on companies in your area and figure out which ones you’d like to look for. Keep a spreadsheet handy and record all the details you can find about their …

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Alumni Relations & University Career Services: The Perfect Match

“So, what are your plans after graduation?”

This is easily one of the most dreaded questions college graduates try to avoid answering once they walk across that stage and finally receive their diploma. After four (perhaps more) years of grueling hard work, packed extracurricular schedules, exams and a few parties here and there, graduates are expected to jump into the job market and pursue their passions they developed on campus. But finding an answer to that question doesn’t have to be worrisome. It can be quite exciting and fulfilling! Take it from me.

The best resource I found that helped me answer this question was right there under my nose. Thanks to the IU Career Development Center on campus, they served as a supportive portal for students of every major. Their recourses stretch across numerous services including career advising, facilitating internship and job fairs, tips on cover letter and …

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Use spring break to spruce up your resumé

After long winter months and tough internships, spring break is finally here for college students. If your spring break has some built-in downtime, use it to learn a new skill and build your resumé.

Intern Queen Lauren Berger has this advice for doing (a little!) work during spring break.

Get Tech: There are many online outlets to learn tech skills outside of the classroom. Check out https://www.coursera.org/ to learn basic HTML or CSS coding. If you took a technology class last semester, show what you’ve learned in the skills section of your resumé as well. Take an Externship: Spring break may be too short for a full-blown internship, but that does not mean you are out of options. Many companies host externships or job shadowing opportunities. Visit your school’s career center to find spring break openings in your area. Be Social: If you’ve always wanted to try a new …

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8th Annual IMPACT Winners Part II

We recognized six individuals and organizations that dedicated their energy and expertise to successful internships in 2013 during the 8th Annual IMPACT Awards luncheon, sponsored by Ivy Tech Community College. These are the second in a two-part series on winners.

Claudine Meilink

Career Development Professional of the Year

Since 2006, Claudine Meilink has played a key role in facilitating student-employer connections at Purdue University. She wears many hats within the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO), including career counselor, employer coordinator and data collector.

Meilink volunteers as a Faculty Fellow and has served on search committees for various departments on campus. She also serves as an at-large board member with the Career Development Professionals of Indiana and also held leadership positions with Midwest ACE (Association of Colleges and Employers), even chairing two of its conferences.

“Claudine is one of those people who makes working in career services at …

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Reconnecting With Your Internship Network

This guest post is from Jennifer Weinmann, Student Employment Consultant at IUPUI.

In recent weeks, I have been helping my sister (who will soon be graduating) implement strategies for her upcoming job search.  In my recent conversations with her, networking has come up time and again.  As many of us are aware, networking today most often consists of LinkedIn and other electronic sources of reaching out to individuals.  Striking up a conversation with an old contact sometimes seems hard to do in an online environment.

 That is the question I wanted to help answer:

How do I reach out to my internship network for help with my job search?

In my sister’s final years of her undergraduate degree, she completed two internships and two immersive learning projects.  All of which have left her with a great deal of knowledge and an excellent group of contacts in her LinkedIn profile.  …

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Ft. Wayne Graduate Retention Program to Host Breakfast

Our partners at the Ft. Wayne Graduate Retention Program will host a breakfast in November, and we want you to attend! Read below for all the details:

Who: You and the Graduate Retention Program of the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

What: Annual Graduate Retention Breakfast

When: Wednesday, November 2nd from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Eastern Time

Where: The Ft. Wayne Chamber of Commerce, 826 Ewing Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802-2182
Why: To celebrate internships!

The keynote speaker for the morning is Dr. Michael Hicks, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research. Dr. Hicks will provide attendees with a great perspective on Northeast Indiana and its future. Amy Johnson from Northwestern Mutual and Matt Toler from Group Dekko, two regional employers, will speak about their internship programs.

This breakfast is FREE of charge and provides a great opportunity to …

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Networking: College’s Best Kept Secret

I’m passionate about a lot of issues, ideas, and organizations, but one thing I enjoy more than anything else is talking with and listening to people. I genuinely enjoy learning and making connections between people. This has bode well for me thus far in my short career tenure; I’ve landed jobs because I enjoy networking and putting forth my best effort. But — networking isn’t exactly something they teach you in college, unfortunately. It’s a skill that must be learned, and it takes work, patience, and sometimes a few bucks to attend quality events. 

Looking back on my college experience, the last thing I wanted to make time for between classes, homework, student organizations, being an RA, and interning was figuring out how to network; however, I made it a priority, beginning my freshman year by joining student organizations related to my major and keeping my social media profiles professional. …

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Indiana INTERNnet’s take on Career Fair “Do’s and Don’ts”

If you’ve seen the Indiana INTERNnet staff out-and-about during the last few weeks, it’s because we’ve been on-the-road, attending career fairs throughout the state. We’ve seen everything from South Bend to Bloomington to Evansville, and it’s not over yet!

Now that we’ve seen several different types of career and job fairs, we’re here to offer a few thoughts on the “Do’s and Don’ts.” Let’s face it – career fairs can be intimidating and overwhelming. There are tons of companies from which you can choose, and the recruiters can practically interview you on-the-spot. But never fear – check out our tips so career fairs do not overwhelm you!

The Do’s

Do find out which businesses will be at the event and thoroughly research those that interest you in advance. Do check out social media profiles, forums such as Glassdoor.com and company websites.

Do maximize your time by only visiting recruiters from …

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Indiana INTERNnet crew hits the road!

Happy Thursday, Indiana INTERNnet readers. We know it’s been a few weeks since we last posted, but that’s because both we’ve been traveling throughout Indiana to present the new website to employers, and we’ve made the rounds to a few job fairs in August.

Are you interested in finding the perfect internship match; putting together a customized internship program for your company, or having the Indiana INTERNnet team provide a website demonstration, class presentation, or attend your job/internship/career fair? If so, please contact me, Courtney Sampson — csampson@indianachamber.com or 317.264.6863.

In the meantime, check out where we’re headed in September and October, and let us know if we’ve missed an event or if we’ll be in your neighborhood sometime soon!

Happy (almost) Labor Day weekend –

Your Indiana INTERNnet team


Pittman reflects on her perfect internship match with SlingShot SEO

So, it’s now officially August, and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking at your summer reflecting on everything you’ve accomplished.  My full-time internship at Slingshot SEO has definitely been a contributing factor to my fast paced summer–but I honestly don’t mind.  It’s crazy to think that I worked forty hour weeks and actually enjoyed it!

Back in December when I was frantically applying for internships, IndianaINTERN.net helped me find exactly what I was looking for. The countless hours I spent searching for internships, researching companies, submitting my resume and hitting “repeat” on that very process finally paid off when Slingshot SEO offered me an internship. When I received the call from my (current) boss, I was elated! Little did I know how much I would learn in a few short months…
When I applied for the internship at Slingshot SEO, I figured it would be like the “typical …

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Got a Minute? Reflect on your Internship!

As you wrap-up your internship, you may find that you have a few treasured weeks of summer left. What are going to do during this time? Maybe you’ll vacation, eat pizza, catch up on the latest blockbusters, relax, or prepare your dorm room or apartment. While these are all great ideas, if you do have a few spare minutes, you should consider utilizing the time to work on documenting your professional experiences.

Here at the Freddie Factor, I’m hoping for an upcoming school year packed with interviews for full-time employment. During those interviews, recruiters and other interviewers will want to hear about your internship, personal, and academic accomplishments. They also want to see and hear that you’ve prepared for the interview by researching the company, the position, and tailoring your answers accordingly.

Now is the time to update your resume—demonstrating what you did during your internships and results that …

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In an Intern Search, Timing is Everything

The summer is a popular time for students to pursue internships.  Just like any other job search, timing plays a key role in whether or not a student will land a sought after position.  Here is my insight on the recruiting process and what students should know to help prepare them for a successful job search.

In an Ideal World…
You are a student looking for a summer job, you read a job description, love the details of the position, meet all the requirements, and submit your application. Then, you wait for that phone call where an employer tells you that you are a perfect match and they want you to start ASAP!

In the Real World…
The same scenario could play out many ways:
1.  You find an ideal job, apply, get called for an interview, and hopefully land the position. This is …

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Indiana INTERNnet Welcomes New Executive Director

Indiana INTERNnet announced today the arrival of Janet Boston; she most recently was the director of marketing/director of regional services for the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Boston has a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University and an MBA from Butler University.

Boston brings extensive management, communications, marketing, planning and fundraising skills to the executive director position, according to Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar. The Indiana Chamber has managed the Indiana INTERNnet program, which is funded by a grant from Lilly Endowment, since January 2006.

“In particular, we believe Janet’s track record of leadership and relationship-building in the community, non-profit and corporate worlds are ideal for working with the various interests involved in Indiana INTERNNet – be it the students, businesses or universities.”

Indiana INTERNnet was formed in 2001, shortly after a series of studies done in collaboration with the Indiana Chamber, the Indiana Commission of Higher Education and the …

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Indiana INTERNnet Honors Top Achievements in Internships

From the Indiana Chamber

(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana INTERNnet, the statewide resource for internship opportunities from the Indiana Chamber, recognized achievements in internships and mentoring today at the 2010 IMPACT Awards Luncheon. The honorees are:

Outstanding Employer of the Year (not-for-profit) – International Center of Indianapolis
Outstanding Employer of the Year (for-profit) – ExactTarget
Career Services Professional of the Year – Jeremy Podany, School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University – Bloomington
Outstanding Intern of the Year (High School) – Emily Miller, Brownsburg High School
Outstanding Intern of the Year (College) – Fangfang Li, University of Indianapolis
The awards were presented during the annual luncheon event in downtown Indianapolis.

Students who intern at the International Center of Indianapolis (ICI) participate in foreign dignitary visits. They help plan prestigious galas and accompany leaders from around the world to local events. Participants receive assignments …

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