Offering More Treats and Newer Tricks

It’s not technically the most wonderful time of the year, but Halloween comes pretty close. One quick stop in our neighborhood and you’d find that Indiana INTERNnet (IIN) is offering more treats and newer tricks than anyone on the block. Before I let you in on my favorites, promise me you won’t show up in your scream mask at my cubicle. Promise me.

“It’s not technically the most wonderful time of the year…”

It doesn’t need a shiny wrapper or a fancy commercial because IIN’s most decadent treat is just that deliciously designed. You’re probably familiar with the former state work-study program. As of the summer of 2013, a new recipe has spiced things up for both students and employers: the Employment Aid Readiness Network program (or EARN for short). With EARN, eligible students have access to resume-building, experiential, paid internships, while employers receive state matching funds in exchange for hiring these students for approved internships.

Where can students find these mouthwatering internships? The IIN website. Where can employers apply for the EARN program and post these drool-worthy opportunities? You guessed it: The IIN website. Bonus: No dentist-induced guilt trips to ensue.

“So, this Halloween, there’s no need to drag your wet feet from door to door…”

When it comes to our newest trick, we admit it: we’re no magicians. Every two weeks, we digitally hand-deliver the latest in internship news in Indiana right to your email inbox. The newsletter’s format is simple and easy to read, with sections tailored to your internship search and experience. What’s magical about that? One click and you’re off to a new career adventure! To sign up, enter your email address here. Disclaimer: No elves, witches or wizards were harmed in the making of this product.

So, this Halloween, there’s no need to drag your wet feet from door to door or to get lost in a haunted maze. Drop by our friendly, straight-forward “Hoo”sier website from the warmth of your seat and stay a while. Because, baby, it’s cold outside.

Indiana INTERNnet Halloween Poster 2013

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