Michael Barney: Making an IMPACT

Indiana INTERNnet celebrated internship excellence on February 7, 2018 at the 12th Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon. Though the event is over and the winners have been announced, we are continuing to celebrate the nominees’ successes.

These are their stories

Michael Barney¬†is¬†pursuing¬†Bachelor’s degree in¬†Computer Science¬†at¬†Indiana University-South Bend. He is a Cloud Engineer Intern at Trek10.¬†¬†¬†

Indiana INTERNnet: Describe your internship experience with Trek10. 

Michael¬†Barney:¬†My¬†internship with Trek10 has been, to say the least, one of the most¬†life-changing and incredible experience I‚Äôve had. Before Trek10, I had absolutely¬†no clue what the ‚Äúreal world‚ÄĚ was like in terms of a career in¬†information technology. Not only do I get to learn some new and specialized technologies, but I¬†get a real sense of how IT careers work. What makes it all so much¬†better¬†and¬†is¬†probably my favorite part about working at Trek10, is the people that work there.¬†¬†

The people there are so smart and have so much to¬†offer¬†and¬†are always willing¬†to help and teach others. Trek10 has managed to cultivate an environment and a¬†culture where no single person is the ‚Äúsmartest person in the room,‚ÄĚ because¬†everyone has their strengths, and they‚Äôre all constantly bettering themselves and¬†learning from each other.¬†

IIN: What was the most challenging project you were assigned? 

MB: I worked on a command-line tool that helps those working with multiple AWS accounts manage their account credentials much easier. 

IIN: What are your future plans/career goals?

MB: As for the future, Trek10 has offered me a full-time position upon graduation, and I intend to take it to continue growing and learning. 

IIN: Has your nomination for IMPACT Awards impacted your life? 

MB: Through my IMPACT Award nomination, I was able to meet some other interns in the state and get an idea of how other types of internships work in other career fields. 

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