The Benefits of Volunteering

Earlier this week, part of the Indiana INTERNnet team volunteered at Second Helpings in Indianapolis. The Second Helpings staff and volunteers rescue and prepare perishable foods from restaurants and retailers to help prevent food waste. They make over 4,000 meals and send them out to more than 90 social service agencies. Second Helpings also offers a culinary training program for disadvantaged adults. While volunteering, we helped cut and prepare vegetables for a meal that would be sent out to multiple locations around the area. The experience was great, and learning about the amazing work that Second Helpings does was very eye-opening.

You might feel like you’re too busy to volunteer, especially if you’re in school. But volunteering has lots of benefits!

Helping others

There is no better feeling than when you’re volunteering. Putting time and effort into meaningful programs can help so many people, and can infuse some purpose into your life.

Resume building

Volunteering is an amazing aspect to add to a resume! Employers love to see that you are active and engaged in the community. It shows that you’re dedicated and make time for other activities besides work or school.

Building your network

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and even make some friends. Everyone is there with a common purpose. It’s a great way to interact with new people while doing something very beneficial.


You never know what could happen when you volunteer at a new place. You could really enjoy participating and want to do something similar when you’re looking for your next position.

Get involved

Multiple organizations on college campuses hold volunteer days students can join. It’s easy to grab a group of friends and spend the day making the world a little bit better. You can also ask around and find places offering volunteer opportunities. Finding a cause you’re passionate about will make the work more exciting and rewarding in the end.

It was a really rewarding experience and I am so happy the Indiana INTERNnet team had the chance to be a small part of what Second Helpings does. Don’t be afraid to go out and volunteer!

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