The Power of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has slowly become a part of our everyday lives. Between snapping pictures and finding new memes, social media can hold a lot of power when it comes to finding your next internship or job.

It’s important to keep your profiles clean because you never know who could come across what you’re posting. You need to realize that companies want the right people representing them. This means watching what you say, being aware of who you follow and interact with, and being careful about what types of pictures you’re posting. Some people think making fake profiles under different names is safe, but the accounts can still be connected back to the real owners.

While it might seem fun to make that post now, it could cost you a job offer in the future. It’s okay to enjoy your youth and have fun, but some activities aren’t appropriate for social media.

Employers can also see who you interact with, and how, across various sites. This means if you’re bullying others or posting negative things about the company you work for, they can see it.

Not every business is going to give you the chance to clean up your profiles. Sometimes if they find another candidate without the social media baggage, that’s the person who gets offered the position.

This isn’t saying that you can’t be creative or voice your opinions on your profiles! Just be conscious about the decisions you’re making.

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