What To Do If Your Internship Isn’t The Best

Recently, Allison wrote a blog post about what to do if an intern isn’t doing their best. I think we should also talk about what to do if your internship experience isn’t the best. Unfortunately, even though every internship posted on our site must be approved by a staff member, some internships are not what you were hoping they would be.

Remember it’s temporary

Internships are great because they are only temporary, which allows you to see what work environments you do or don’t like. Some days will be harder than others, but remember that you don’t have to be there forever. Take every opportunity you can to learn and network as much as you can. Just because you don’t like the place you are at doesn’t mean the experience is a waste of time.

Don’t burn any bridges

You might think that because you’re “just an intern” you can say or do what you want, because this isn’t a permanent thing. Wrong. Leaving a company on bad terms can set you up for a harder job search in the future.

Stay professional

Just because you are unhappy somewhere doesn’t mean you can start slacking off and not doing your job. Make sure that even if you aren’t having the best experience, you’re still producing work that you’re proud of.

Stay determined

Even if you aren’t having the best time now, that doesn’t mean everything that comes after this experience is going to be bad too. Stay open-minded and positive with your current situation. Remember you are still getting great knowledge through interning.

Most students do multiple internships. Keep progressing in your professional career path and stay optimistic. It might be hard now, but because of the lessons you are learning now you’ll be able to get to a job you love.

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