Things to Do in Indiana This Fall

It’s currently my favorite season and I know a lot of others’ around the office. The air is crisp, closets are in need of an upgrade, and the leaves are changing. While a lot of these blogs are based on tips and advice when navigating the workplace as an intern, we are still young which means we need to have some fun every once in a while. Indiana has some really fun activities that you can do throughout the fall. I thought I would do the research for you and create a list of everything you need to do this fall.

You’re welcome in advance.

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Anderson Orchard: Mooresville, IN 👻

Anderson Orchard is the perfect place to spend some time with the family or even a special someone. Pick fresh fruit including raspberries, apples, and of course pumpkins. Enjoy snacks, hayrides and walking around the Apple Barn. This place has everything you need for the perfect fall outing.

Exploration Acres: Lafayette, IN 👻

Looking for an adventure filled day? Exploration Acres is the place you have been looking for. With the best and biggest corn mazes, corn cannons, and everything in between, everyone will be able to find something they enjoy. Swings, slides, and a pumpkin patch makes this a perfect spot for the whole family.

Tuttle Orchard: Greenfield, IN 👻

Tuttle Orchard is another great place to walk around a pumpkin patch, eat some amazing treats and go on a hayride. This is a perfect place for the family or a date. Enjoy the nice weather during a perfect fall day and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Indianapolis Zoo: Indianapolis, IN 👻

Another great experience is the Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo. Dress up and experience the active animals and all the family fun for Halloween. This is a great time for the little kids and even teens. Enjoy dancing with a live DJ and trick-or-treating.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN 👻 – 👻👻

The Children’s Museum offers the best of both worlds. One option is to go during the Lights-On Hours which is designed for those who scare easily. This is the perfect opportunity to spend some family time with younger siblings. Then, for those who like to be a little more daring and are craving a good scare, the Frightening Hours are for you.

Hanna Haunted Acres: Indianapolis, IN 👻👻👻

For everyone who is really into the whole “spooky season” idea, Hanna Haunted Acres is the place for you. With a haunted hayride and even five other attractions, this is the perfect place for a spooky night out with friends.

The Thirteenth Hour: Indianapolis, IN 👻👻👻

Another great option for those who are feeling spooky is The Thirteenth Hour. Located in Indianapolis, this is a perfect opportunity to get insanely scared. You might want to bring some friends to this one.


Of course, there are so many more places around Indiana that offer super fun activities during the fall time. You can check for local orchards or pumpkin patches and have a great time with friends and family wherever you go. Take advantage of all the awesome places around Indiana, and don’t be afraid to get a little scared.


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