How to Update Your Resume

Every now and then you should update your resume so that when the time comes, you’re always ready to apply for any position that comes your way.  Instead of waiting for when it is time to apply make sure to take some time and update it to create the best possible resume.

Ask for help

It’s always a good idea to get help. Especially with something as important and tricky as writing a resume, getting all the possible feedback can make a huge difference.  Maybe make an appointment with someone in your campus career center. They can help you make sure you’re resume is typo and error free. They could also let you know of any other positions you might be interested in.

Contact info

Start with the top and work your way down. That way you can make sure you updated everything! While this information does not change as much as some other sections, make sure that everything is up to date so that employers know the best way to reach you.

Add new experiences

Employers want to know what jobs you had and what skills you can bring to the table. Add your updated work history to your resume. I know I always get stuck on writing about what I did at each job, so don’t be afraid to keep a list while working. This is a great habit for interns to get into. Since you learn so many new skills, keeping track of what projects you worked on makes it easier when it comes time to update your resume!

Mention courses

After every semester, think about some of the courses you took, and see how it relates to your work experience and career path. Showcase your abilities as a team leader, or highlight course work that relates to what you want to do in the future.

Resume tips:

  • Use action verbs! Employers want to see what it took to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Use numbers/data when necessary. Don’t be afraid to mention big accomplishments by sharing the exact amount.
  • Keep it neat. Make sure that all of your information is lined up and equal. Showing this type of precision makes you look detail-oriented.
  • Get help. Make sure you are getting feedback. Asking for feedback and advice will only make your resume stronger.
  • Don’t make it too crowded. As an intern, you should try and keep your resume to one page. This means you might have to take some information out or change the wording in some sections.
  • Tailor it to fit the position. Look at the position you want and see how you can utilize some of the descriptive words that the company uses. With the technology companies use, you’ll get noticed if you use action verbs that the company used.

Keep a neat and updated resume to stay ahead in the professional world. I like to save my resume in different places to make sure that I never lose it. Working your resume to fit different positions can be important too. Every time I apply for a job, I save that resume on my computer with the name of the company so I know what was used for each interview.

Another great place to get help on anything resume-related is the internet. Whether it’s formatting, wording, or just advice in general, the information is out there.

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