Finals Week Told by Rachel Green Gifs

Most students are finishing up finals and ready for a month full of sleeping, eating, and more sleeping. What better way to reflect on the emotional roller coaster that is finals week than to see it told by my favorite Friends character, Rachel Green?

When you’re studying all night and know the answer to everything this course could possibly throw at you, but you come across something the professor never mentioned.

Season 2 Omg GIF by Friends


When your friends ask how much you’ve studied for your next final.

Season 9 Episode 22 GIF by Friends


That feeling when you know you’ll be sleeping a maximum of 4 hours and running on coffee for a week.

Image result for who needs coffee gif rachel green


Turning in your final to the professor knowing that you didn’t study hard enough but tried your best.

Here It Is Jennifer Aniston GIF by Friends


When it finally hits you that you’re done and ready for the long break ahead of you.

Excited Season 4 GIF by Friends


When you say goodbye to your college besties for a whole month.

Season 2 Episode 219 GIF by Friends


Remember that these grades do not define you as a person and that trying your best is the only thing you can do. Don’t let the stress of finals get in your way of enjoying your last week of 2019 with some of your closest friends. I hope everyone has/had a successful finals week!

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