Stay Safe Spring Breakers

Spring Break Pro-Tips

If you’re going to a sunny warm beach this spring break, here are some tips to maximize the fun and minimize unpleasantness.

Drink Responsibly

Don’t be that sloppy guy or gal, be smart about what you’re consuming.  Especially if you’re in a location were the weather is warm, you want to make sure you’re hydrating properly. It’s also smart to not drink and swim if you are near the ocean, or even just the pool.

Sun Care

While sunburns are no fun, you should also remember no one is immune to skin cancer. Sunblock will block any harmful rays from the sun and keep you safe.  Put on sunblock and do so regularly throughout your time in the sun. A broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF of 30 or higher is recommended by professionals. Avoid tanning beds before a trip. Protect your eyes with glasses, a hat or visor.

Protect Your Location

Sharing everything on social these days is so common. Oversharing, however, can be dangerous. Broadcasting where you’re at on social media can leave you and your place back home vulnerable. It is best to save your posts until you return. Also be mindful of what you are posting while on vacation, especially since we know that employers sometimes cruse prospective employees social media. You don’t want your social media to detour anyone from possibly hiring you.

Stay Healthy

The last thing you want is to bring a cold back home after your travels.

    • Wash your hands – and carry some hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes for situations where you can’t get to soap and water
    • Drink lots of water. If you are overseas though, drink bottled or sealed water and beverages.
    • Consume food that is cooked or being served hot.
    • Wash all your fruits and veggies before consuming
    • Be wary of street food, avoid eating at spots that feel unhygienic.

Be Prepared

On vacation, the last thing you want is a tragedy to happen so stay alert.

    • Carry cash especially if you are abroad, make sure it is local money, about $30 to $50.
    • Carry on hand the phone number of the place you’ll be staying, a cab company and any friends you’ll be traveling with.
    • Make a copy of your passport and carry that with you instead of the original.
    • Create a plan. Don’t worry if you and your travel party get separated. Make a plan to meet at a specific place at a certain time. Also, plan to travel in a group when leaving and arriving at new places. If a situation gets weird, create a code word and plan an exit strategy to avoid any uncomfortable circumstances.
    • Map it out – carrying a map will help you find your way around. Of course, a huge paper map might make you stand out and look lost. Consider using a map app like Google Maps

As a traveler, it’s important to stay on high alert even if your destination is a nice pleasant place. As the old saying goes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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