Ciao, Indiana INTERNnet!

This is will be my signing off and farewell post. My time with the awesome Indiana INTERNnet team is complete and while this is a bittersweet post, I am beyond grateful for all of it. I know the future holds nothing but the best for Indiana INTERNnet and everyone involved. I am a much better young professional today thanks to the guidance of the entire team.


I have never felt so comfortable being a subordinate. You made it easy to talk to speak to you and that means a lot. In a world full of intimidating bosses, passive aggressive emails, and glass ceilings your team’s accessibility to you by far makes you a great leader. Combine that with your humor and willingness to help, I’d say that makes you not only one of the best supervisors to have worked under but also one of the most understanding.


Thank you for helping me get acclimated and being so warm and inviting from the start. Your help with brainstorming possible content and lessons in the day to day administrative tasks are immeasurable, I will carry them with me wherever I go. I enjoyed and will miss our coffee runs and discussions of great food, documentaries and music. Thank you for your guidance in face to face communication at events, but most of all thank you for making it so easy to come to you with any questions or concerns.


Your guidance in social media and marketing has been by far the most tangible take away from my whole experience with Indiana INTERNnet. Thank you for helping me every step of the way with my blog. From getting me started and familiarized with different platforms to graphics and best practice strategies. You were my unsung hero during my time with IIN, thank you for all the editing and revisions you assisted with that helped to improve me.


Thanks for being such an amazing and down to earth person and full of grace. It has been a pleasure co-interning with you. I know the future holds nothing but the best for you. You made working along-side you so easy and delightful, thank you!

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