Farewell, Indiana INTERNnet

Dear Indiana INTERNnet,

The opportunity to intern with this company has been a delightful learning experience. Throughout the semester, I’ve learned and grown in many ways.

Most notably, I had the opportunity to plan and execute an Instagram-based social media campaign. The goal of the campaign was to create engaging content for students on our Instagram. I wrote out a full plan, created graphics, and produced videos through Tik-Tok for the platform. The result was an increase in followers and student engagement on our account!

Mike, our executive director, gave me full creative freedom to do this project.  Thank you for being a fearless leader during these uncertain times.

Allison, you were super welcoming from the beginning. You’ve been my go-to whenever I needed guidance or a question answered. I’ll miss our chats about Beyoncè, sociology, and Ball State.

Caitlyn, I’ve learned so much from you! You taught me how to use platforms the platforms WordPress and Audiense. Even more, you recommended me to do a blog collaboration with Learn More Indiana!

I’ll always cherish the opportunities I’ve had with IIN. Thank you for taking a chance with me, and for teaching me so much.

Now, the moment you’ve all (probably) been waiting for. What’s next for me?

I’ve had exactly four years to think about what I might do after college. The truth is, I just want to be a creative. I’ve enjoyed creating content for IIN so much, I want to keep doing it. After I graduate, I plan on finally spending time refining my personal brand and professional image. Then, I plan on creating content and building my network.

Farewell Indiana INTERNnet, I wish you a bright future.

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