High School Internships: To the High School Student Considering an Internship

Don’t underestimate the value of high school internships. We’re shining a light on these valuable experiences by telling the stories of students around the state. Be on the lookout for additional blog posts about high school internships.

Dear high school student,

If you’re wondering if you should pursue an internship, the answer is yes.

Maybe you don’t know where it will take place, because it’s nothing more than an idea right now. No problem! The process of finding an internship may teach you just as much as the experience itself. It may feel daunting to search for an opportunity as a high school student, but you’ll find that there are more offerings than you’d expect. Your school, community and Indiana INTERNnet want to help prepare you for the workforce; internships are one of the best ways to do so.

Even an unpaid position likely will benefit you financially over the next few years as you apply for scholarships, future internships and – eventually – full-time jobs. It even could help you save money if you realize before college that you want to study something other than what you previously planned. There’s nothing wrong with changing your major after you’ve already started, but it only gets more expensive as you move further along into your program. Why not give something a try while you have nothing to lose?

Now, I know you’re busy. On top of being in school for seven hours a day, you have hours more of homework at night, extracurricular activities and maybe even a part-time job to save money for your future. These are all good things and I wouldn’t tell you to neglect any of them. I would, however, challenge you to consider rearranging them to make room for an internship. Your high school may allow you to complete an internship for credit, giving you freedom to take fewer classes and free up time to spend learning outside of the classroom. In addition, your current part-time employer may be willing to assign you more relevant experience than the work you’re already doing. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

While exciting, the idea of a high school internship can also be intimidating. It may be your first professional experience, making it difficult to know what to expect. But, that’s just part of it. The good news is that your employer understands this and will be happy to tell you about expectations within its work environment. If you’re going to enter the work world sooner or later, why not make it sooner? You’ll already have the confidence to build upon each new opportunity you receive.

The fact that you’re considering an internship as a high school student speaks to your willingness to move out of your comfort zone, try new things and maybe even fail at some of them (all part of the learning process). These experiences will only make you a more prepared graduate. So, go for it! Complete an internship. It just might be one of the best things you do during high school. It was for me!


A former high school intern

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