Indiana Intern Showcase

Believe it or not, we’re already nearing the end of another summer internship season. And though this summer hasn’t been without its challenges, it has still been something to celebrate! Many of us completed our first virtual internships this summer, and many completed their first internships ever! Do you have a summer internship story to share? Are you completing a project you’re especially passionate about or proud of? Then our newest event is for you! Register now for the Indiana Intern Showcase on Wednesday, August 5 from 2-4pm. 

What is the Indiana Intern Showcase?

It’s an opportunity for interns around the state to share their summer internship experiences with the community. Through a virtual presentation, interns will showcase their work to an audience of peers, supervisors, mentors, professors, friends, and even family members!

Each intern will have five minutes to present a slide about their experience, which could include any of the following:

  • Projects completed: What are you most proud of? Share the work that inspired you this summer, and you just may pass that inspiration along to someone else.
  • Lessons learned: How have you grown through this experience? Reflecting on challenges, successes, and takeaways will not only be insightful to the audience but could also help you realize progress you didn’t even know you had made.
  • Relationships formed: Who would you like to acknowledge for their support this summer? Here’s a chance to brag on your employer, supervisor, or mentor for their support during your internship.

For more inspiration, check out these examples from our friends at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

At the end of the showcase, audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions of presenting interns. This gives employers a chance to see firsthand the value of their intern’s work, and it is a great event to share with your organization’s upper leadership team. Supervisors who wish to see their interns present are also welcome to register them to participate.

The last day to register is Monday, July 27. Don’t wait – sign up today!

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