Farewell from the Intern

It’s hard to believe I’m already saying goodbye to my summer internship at Indiana INTERNnet – and to the team that made it so enjoyable! I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to promote work-based learning in Indiana the past couple months, and I know I’ve learned a great deal from it myself, too.

This experience has been a unique one for me, because I had never been a fully virtual intern before. Although it’s been strange to work with people I’ve never met in person, everyone has still managed to make me feel like part of the team this summer.

The focus of my work here has been promoting high school internships, which was an interest of mine when I came into this experience. I appreciate the freedom and support I’ve had to complete the project this summer. I’ve been able to create an outreach plan and begin executing it, knowing that the work I’ve done will outstay my time at Indiana INTERNnet.

I also admire the organization’s commitment to equity in education and employment. It has opened my eyes to problems that exist in those realms and solutions that are actually effective. I will carry these lessons with me.

Thank you to the Indiana INTERNnet team for making this internship such a positive experience! And thank you all for reading my blog posts this summer – if you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, feel free. I’ll be an internship advocate for life and would happy to help with your search in any way possible!

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