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Three Tips for Working a Hybrid Internship

In this new era of virtual jobs and remote learning, it’s crucial to find new ways to stay focused. I speak from experience when I say that having a hybrid internship comes with tons of perks, like wearing sweatpants or spending the day with your pet, but it’s key to stay on top of your work. The comfort of home quickly can distract you from your weekly tasks, but we’re sharing a few pointers that will help you to keep your momentum while working from home.

Have a dedicated workspace
This may seem arbitrary to some, but the truth is, where you do your work matters. An article by the American College of Healthcare Sciences indicates that if you do most of your work in bed, you will have trouble sleeping at night. Our bodies are trained to associate sleep with our beds. When you begin using your bed …

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Virtual Internships: 10 Thoughts You Have as a Virtual Intern

It’s the unofficial summer of virtual internships — we’re celebrating the successes and sharing the struggles that come with it. Be on the lookout for a blog post about virtual internships every Friday!

As I mentioned in my introductory post, Indiana INTERNnet is the fifth place I’ve been an intern. But it’s the first place I’ve been a fully virtual intern, which makes it a unique experience for me. I know I’m in good company, though – many of you have just started your first virtual summer internship too. So, now seems like a good time to reflect on the first week or two of telecommuting and let you know you’re not the only one who’s had some of these thoughts recently:

1. I miss company Keurigs. Remember the drawers full of fun K-Cup flavors we didn’t have to pay for? Well, I certainly do.


2. So much for the …

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Internships Amid COVID-19: More Important Than Ever

The last month has upended the way most of us live our daily lives. When this happens, most of us go back to the basics. We do what we need to do to make it through the day – and not much more. After a few weeks, however, we realize that we can establish new routines. We can do much of what we did previously, even if physically distant from one another during a stay-at-home order. We regain much of our productivity and, before we know it, we wonder why we weren’t using technology so much in the past.

As we set new routines, we can start thinking ahead again. Our first instincts may have been to put our summer internship plans on hold because there were too many questions. For students: Are employers still hosting interns? Will the employer be able to host me if I accept an offer? …

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Virtual Internship – INDEAL

Have you ever wondered what a virtual internship is like and how it works? Kristi Rubino from INDEAL found her virtual summer marketing intern, Emma Wright, through Indiana INTERNnet. In the video below, you’ll learn about Wright’s virtual internship and what Rubino thinks are the benefits of having a virtual internship.

This video was produced by Indiana INTERNnet’s summer 2017 intern, Emily Brooks.

Students: How to Communicate Successfully during a Virtual Internship

Entry by Anastasiya Elaeva, Indiana INTERNnet Intern

In Monday’s blog entry, I provided you with Interactive Intelligence’s perspective on virtual internships.  I also recently spoke with one of Interactive Intelligence’s virtual interns, Courtney Guard, who would like to share her advice on having a successful internship experience.  An economics major at Purdue University with minors in business management and political science, she is currently doing an internship in the office of Interactive Intelligence, a global provider of business communications solutions.  However, last fall she worked for the company from her campus, assisting with the management of Interactive Intelligence’s customer accounts.

Courtney’s started as a regular summer intern in Interactive Intelligence’s office.  When her term at the company was over, she talked to her manager about the possibility of keeping her job over the fall while working from home.  Courtney really wanted to have a professional job in the fall semester, …

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“Employers, be brave, don’t rule anything out, and you’ll be surprised by the level of work of your virtual interns…”

Entry by Anastasiya Elaeva, Indiana INTERNnet Intern

Still not feeling ready to start a virtual internship program at your organization? Maybe reading another organization’s success story may persuade you. Interactive Intelligence Inc., a global provider of IP unified business communications solutions, headquartered in Indianapolis, has been hosting virtual interns for several years. Their corporate recruiter, Debbie Linville, shared with me how the idea of running a virtual internship program was born and what types of projects interns were working on remotely.

Interactive Intelligence launched their summer internship program in 2006. That year the company hosted six bright interns from different schools in Indiana. When the summer was coming to an end, and it was almost time for the students to return to their universities, one of the company’s managers came up with the idea that the interns could keep contributing to Interactive Intelligence projects by working remotely from their …

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Students: Are You Ready for a Virtual Internship?

In the June INTERNnetwork, we included an article about virtual internships, working for an organization outside of an organization’s office. Although there are benefits of being a virtual intern (no office commute, flexible work schedule, no dress code, more personal freedom, etc.), not every student can excel as a virtual intern.

Before you apply for a virtual internship, consider these questions:

– Do you have previous internship experience in an office setting?
– Are you interested in working for a web-based organization?
– Are you interested in electronic outreach, including email pitching and social media communication?
– Are you self-motivated?
– Are you independent enough to work with minimal supervision?
– Are you technology savvy?
– Are you able to meet important deadlines?

A virtual internship may be ideal for a student who may not have the opportunity or funds for a traditional internship …

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