Internships Amid COVID-19: More Important Than Ever

The last month has upended the way most of us live our daily lives. When this happens, most of us go back to the basics. We do what we need to do to make it through the day – and not much more. After a few weeks, however, we realize that we can establish new routines. We can do much of what we did previously, even if physically distant from one another during a stay-at-home order. We regain much of our productivity and, before we know it, we wonder why we weren’t using technology so much in the past.

As we set new routines, we can start thinking ahead again. Our first instincts may have been to put our summer internship plans on hold because there were too many questions. For students: Are employers still hosting interns? Will the employer be able to host me if I accept an offer? Can I stay on campus if I intern where I go to school? For employers: What if my office is still operating remotely when the internship starts? Can I host interns if there is a hiring freeze? Are students still looking for internships?

These are all great questions – and many of them may not have answers yet. But don’t let that stop you from searching for an internship or hosting an intern.

Employer tips:

  • Arrange for your intern to begin remotely. Many businesses recently went remote in a matter of days. What lessons did you learn from this transition that can make for a smooth summer process?
  • Start your internship later. A variety of programs around the state are pushing their internships back a few weeks to start in early to mid-June.
  • Make conditional offers. These are unusual times, so why not take the unusual measure of saying yes, pending a resumption of normal activities?

Student tips:

  • Put yourselves out there! There are over 1,200 positions posted on for the summer and fall semesters. Fill out your full profile at and employers can find you before you find them. They are looking!
  • Ask employers if they can go remote. Many positions may be posted as traditional face-to-face opportunities but are adaptable if circumstances require it.
  • Have you looked in your hometown? Your early searches may have been where you could stay on campus or where you take your classes. If you’re now home for the summer, however, have you looked in your own backyard?

I know it’s difficult to imagine a return to normal – whether it be this summer or fall – but we must be ready. Many employers are still looking for summer interns, and many students are searching for opportunities. Don’t wait until you know for sure what to expect; you may miss your chance for summer 2020!

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