Timing is Key When it Comes to Posting an Internship

Can you believe that summer internships are already being posted on IndianaINTERN.net? Some employers may be thinking this is way too soon, but it’s the perfect time. Unlike recruiting full-time employees, interns have multiple things to consider like short-term housing, class schedules and receiving college credit before being able to accept. That’s why it’s so important for employers to give themselves plenty of time to recruit internship candidates.

According to Indiana INTERNnet’s Employer Guide, students often apply to summer internships in February or March. However, highly competitive programs start recruiting in the fall prior.

During the summer, some students may be interested in interning at a company that’s far from their hometown. Since this will require them to set aside time to find short-term housing, they start searching for internships early. That way, if they receive an internship offer, they’ll have ample time to figure out their housing situation.

This rule of thumb applies to fall and spring internships as well. Since students have to work around class schedules and extracurricular activities during the school year, the applicant pool for these internships is lower than in the summer. Employers should give themselves a recruitment window of at least four months prior to their internship’s start date to allow for a large candidate pool.

Some students may be searching for an internship to obtain college credit. Sometimes these students will have a deadline to secure an opportunity. Generally, they start searching and applying to internships the semester prior to when they intend on interning. If employers don’t post their opportunities early enough, they may miss these students. That’s why Indiana INTERNnet recommends posting fall internships by May and spring internships by early October.

If you need any help with creating an internship description or posting your internship on IndianaINTERN.net, email INTERNnet@indianachamber.com or call (317) 264-6852.

When Should Employers Post an Internship?

Fall April – May
Spring Early October
Summer January – February

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