My Journey with Indiana INTERNnet 

My journey with Indiana INTERNnet (IIN) started as a junior at IUPUI, searching for an internship. I was struggling to find an opportunity in the non-profit world that would allow me to remain financially stable. While EARN Indiana is a wonderful program to help students in similar situations, I was ineligible to receive the funds. It was fate that I found and its internship posting on the day of the application deadline. I immediately applied and came in for interview soon after.   

This was my first and only college internship. While I loved my time with IIN, if I could go back, I would have definitely participated in more internships. It might sound cliché but finding a job after graduation is challenging. Take my advice and try to gain as much experience as possible to increase your chances.  

During my internship, I wrote blog posts, managed social media and assisted with events. Unfortunately, my position came to an end in May. Fast-forward two months, and I was still job searching.  Until, thankfully, the programs assistant position at IIN became available!  

Throughout my tenure, I have coordinated summer events and IMPACT Awards Luncheon, produced communications, and managed the Board of Directors and committees. Sadly, I am no longer staying¬†in this position as I’m relocating to Bloomington, IN.¬† This experience has allowed me to make valuable connections and grow my skills as a professional.¬†¬†

What was your biggest accomplishment? 

Overall, my biggest accomplishment has been coordinating IMPACT Awards. It was my first major event I had ever been in involved with, and it went off without a hitch! My second time around, we surpassed our nominations goal and reached more than 100 submissions. I also met Tamika Catchings through this event! 

What will you miss most about working for Indiana INTERNnet? 

I will miss working with the fantastic employees. It is such a positive and team-oriented environment. They are all so willing to help each other and offer valuable insight when needed.  

Additionally, I will miss the office’s break room. I have earned the title of Break Room Queen for always knowing when there’s snacks or leftover lunch from a conference.¬†¬†¬†

What is your favorite memory while working for Indiana INTERNnet? 

This is a tough one, I have too many fond memories! The one that stands out the most is last year’s summer intern engagement event the Indiana State Fair. It was a fun event to coordinate and attend! In the morning, we listened to a wonderful speech from Ashley Miser with¬†IndyHub¬†and¬†had a trivia networking game that I created and hosted. Public speaking has always terrified me, but I faced¬†my fears and read the questions on stage. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the fair for our social media scavenger hunt!¬†¬†

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