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You’ve posted your internship onto, and you start waiting for the applications to roll in. However, after a few weeks you’ve yet to get a response. What could be going on?

If you find yourself in this predicament, the first place you should check is your internship’s description. Poorly written and vague descriptions leave students unclear of what your internship has to offer. Your internship’s description needs to clearly state what it entails and what type of student you are looking for. It should attract students to work for your company and leave them eager to apply.

Promote your organization

The description section of your internship is the perfect place to include details about your organization. Share some information about what your company does, where it’s located, any awards it may have received, etc. Really sell your organization to potential applicants.

In this section, you can also include information about the timeline of the internship and the hours required. You can mention the wage of the internship, but you do not have to. This is also a good location to provide contact information in case an applicant has any questions about the internship.

Detail the responsibilities

The responsibilities section is all about, well
responsibilities! In my opinion, this is the most important section of the internship description because it gives applicants a clear idea of what the internship entails. When you write this section, include as many details as possible. For example, if the intern is required to write blogs for your organization, include how many blogs per week you expect. If the intern is supposed to assist with plan an event, describe what the event is.

A good way to format this section is by using bullet points. That helps improve readability and makes the responsibilities appear organized and concise.

State the qualifications

This section is where you list what you are looking for in your ideal intern. Along with including any soft (communication, organization, etc.) and technical skills that are required, consider listing other important information like desired majors and year in college or high school.

One of the things that our database pulls search results from is what’s listed in internships’ descriptions. Oftentimes, students utilize’s keyword search feature to search by their majors or interests. So, if you have majors included in your description, a student may be more likely to find your opportunity.


Before you post your internship, have someone else proofread your description. Typos and grammatical hours can be a big turn-off to potential applicants. It can make your organization come across as unprofessional.

After you post your internship, search for it on so that you can see it from the applicant’s prospective. Make sure that your formatting is correct. Sometimes, especially with bullet points, when you copy and paste the format can get a little funky. If it looks weird to you, correct it immediately.

A well-written internship description is one of the first steps to attracting and finding an ideal intern. If you need more guidance, check out our Employer Guide. It’s contains best practice information, a sample internship description, printable forms and more.

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