Beyond the Impact: Gabriella Blauert

Gabriella (Moline) Blauert graduated from Butler University in May with a degree in journalism and moved to Columbus, Ohio. She’s currently working as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Pelotonia, a non-profit organization in Columbus whose proceeds go toward cancer research.


Indiana INTERNnet: What are some of the best lessons you learned while interning?

Gabriella Blauert: My internships provided me with opportunities to practically apply the skills I learned in class. I learned how to utilize these skills, while also managing my time effectively. Another important lesson I learned was how to interact in different job settings and how to present myself in a professional way in each one.


IIN: What advice do you have for current interns?

GB: I would tell current interns to not be afraid to go to their supervisor or mentor with big ideas or questions they have. One of the most important aspects of internships is learning, so try to go above and beyond the job description and try something new (with your supervisor’s permission).


IIN: Why do you think internships are important?

GB: Internships are important because they allow interns to gain real-world experiences, while employers gain new perspectives and the opportunity to help students learn and grow. They’re also a great way to make valuable connections. In my own experience, I’ve formed close relationships with my mentors and several of my fellow interns.


IIN: How did winning an IMPACT Award impact your life?

GB: Winning the IMPACT Award was a huge honor. It allowed me the opportunity to connect with different people through the luncheon and it also helped me reflect on the importance of my internship experiences.


IIN: What are your future plans/goals?

GB: My future goals are to continue learning and growing in my field, while taking on leadership opportunities in my community. I’m currently employed at an incredible non-profit called Pelotonia, where I’m working closely with community members and telling the stories of those affected by cancer.

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