What We’re Thankful For

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, the Indiana INTERNnet team thinks on what they’re grateful for.

Kayla Walke, Intern: I am thankful for everyone here at Indiana INTERNnet. This has been the best place to start off my professional career. From the people I have met to the opportunities I have been exposed to, I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be able to grow and learn in such an amazing atmosphere. To everyone at the Chamber and the whole INTERNnet team, thank you for the constant support, advice, and kindness throughout these past couple of months. From board meetings to events, I have been able to learn so much knowledge that is not taught in the classroom.

Angela Taylor, Program Assistant: I’m thankful this year was full of change, good and bad, because with change comes growth. I love working with a team of fun, food-centric people. My dog is the best and I am very thankful for days I can sleep in.

Caitlyn Beck, Operations Manager: I’m thankful that I have a job I truly enjoy, and coworkers that are a delight to be around. I’m grateful for the services that Indiana INTERNnet provides to our state, and our continued successes. I love that my job makes me feel supported in my professional growth, and that I’m making a difference with the work I do.

Allison Kuehr, Assistant Director: I am thankful for the awesome employers I get to work with each day. Some of which I’ve really gotten to know during my time at Indiana INTERNnet! But there are so many new employers I meet each day. I feel like I’m always learning about a new company in a part of Indiana I’ve never heard of with an outstanding internship program. There’s a lot of great things happening with work-based learning in the state, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.

Mike Slocum, Executive Director: I’m thankful for a great team who is passionate about our mission to bring students, employers and educators together to build Indiana’s future workforce! And homemade desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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