Spring, Is That You?

For months I had been anticipating this perfect riding weather. Telling others here at the Indiana INTERNnet how I could not wait to ride my bike into the office instead of taking the Red Line. A few weeks before all this, my fiancé and I had just started up “Reset Sundays,” where we would frequent a different park in the city or surrounding area. We like to get out of our small apartment in downtown Indy. We would walk around for miles and just reconnect with nature and reset for the week ahead.

Fresh Air, Is It Worth It?

The shelter in place order and working from home situation currently happening here in Indiana. Keeping us all cooped up inside plus the beautiful weather have me wanting to go outside for bike ride more than ever, but at what risk?

The truth is that a lot of us are probably starting to feel the cabin fever and could use a bit of fresh air. If you are like me and most people, you will benefit from exercise. However, are you possibly exposing yourself and your household to any potential danger every time you go outside for a jog?

If You Must, Go Where You Know and With Who You Trust

I would argue that for my mental health purposes, it is essential for me to get out and let the sunshine on my skin and feel the wind on my hair as I peddle on by. The important thing to remember is the official guidelines in your area.  You do not want to go out and meet up with other people. Of course, we all are missing our people but social distancing definitely is carried over into outdoor activities too. So, if you need to take your exercising outdoors, try going on a solo activity. If you need a sidekick to come along for the ride, ask someone in your household like your parents, roommates or significant others.

Another important note to remember dear friends is that while adventuring outdoors in these times, to stay in your neighborhood or close to home. You don’t want to go too far out into remote areas. Those areas where it would be harder to receive immediate medical attention. There is no need to become an extra issue liability in case of an injury. Our medical system is already too overworked and undersupplied to be taking any unnecessary risks. There are some really brave people fighting the frontlines of an uncertain disease right now. The best way to help them in this fight is to stay home and stay safe.

Be Cautious and Be Safe

The key here is to limit exposure to other people. If you see someone else walking their dog down the sidewalk or another runner coming your way, remember to stay at least 6 feet away. Cross the street or move off into the grassy part of the sidewalk if it is too narrow to allow enough distance. Take water or snacks to avoid having to stop in a public area. While performing your outdoor activity try to avoid touching surfaces like crosswalk buttons.  Still, if you must try using an elbow or your sleeve to give you some kind of protective barrier. Remember to not touch your face. Once you make it home, make sure you wash your hands and take off any clothing that could have touched any potentially exposed surface. Stay moving and stay safe, friends.

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