Micro-Internships Bring New Changes to IndianaINTERN.net

In order to combat the spread of COVID-19, many Indiana colleges and universities moved to eliminating fall and spring breaks while extending winter breaks. While a longer break can provide a much-needed period of relaxation for students, it also can be the perfect time to explore micro-internships.

Micro-internships are short-term, project-based experiences that provide individuals opportunities to increase their skills, explore new career paths and build their networks. They’re an excellent opportunity for employers to hire students specifically for the purpose of completing a singular project. It’s important to note, however, that micro-internships are not eligible for the EARN Indiana program.

Unlike traditional internships, micro-internships take place over a range of hours as opposed to a set timeframe. They typically last from 10 to 80 hours of work with most projects due within a week to a month after assignment. Their short timeframes make micro-internships a great fit for this year’s extended winter break. Students could complete multiple micro-internships during the break between semesters. Employers can use the experience to test out interns for either a potential long-term internship or a full-time hire.

To accommodate this type of internship, Indiana INTERNnet has made some changes to its web site by incorporating the following additions:

  • Adding “micro-internship” as an internship type within the posting process for employers and the Advanced Internship search for students
  • A way for employers to list the anticipated hours required for their micro-internship posting
  • An opportunity for employers to list the project due date for their micro-internship posting
  • Temporarily listing micro-internships first in the search results

Employers, determine any projects that may be best completed through a micro-internship. When you’re ready to post, IndianaINTERN.net will be here for you. In order to give you the best chance of reaching top talent, I recommend getting your micro-internships posted by early November.

Students, if you’re interested in a micro-internship, make sure to update your IndianaINTERN.net profile. Utilize the Advanced Internship Search in your workspace and save any searches that meet your criteria. After you’ve saved a search, opt-in for our text alerts. When something gets added that matches your saved search criteria, you’ll receive a text alerting you of the new opportunity. That way you’ll never miss a beat in your micro-internship search!

2 Responses to Micro-Internships Bring New Changes to IndianaINTERN.net

  1. Maggie Mangan says:

    Looking for Micro Internship for Winter Break or Spring Semester

    • Allison Kuehr says:

      Hi Maggie!

      You can search for micro-internships on IndianaINTERN.net by using the Advanced Intern Search in your workspace. At the bottom of the search, you can select “Micro-internship” as the type. That will show you everything that’s available. Don’t forget to sign up for text alerts! If you don’t see an internship you’re interested in, you can save your search and sign up for text alerts. When something new is added to the site that matches your search, you’ll get a text.

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