Consulting Utility Forester Intern

Opportunity is EARN Indiana eligible

Last Updated:Dec 7th, 2023

CN Utility Consulting

Consulting Utility Forester Intern

Type: In Person
Location: Indianapolis
Application Due Date: May. 6, 2024
Starts: May. 6, 2024
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


At CNUC, we are developing new employees as we bring on interns. Our goal is that they join the company after their internship. We mentor them using several different full-time employees and their supervisor to help them develop as a person, an intern, and an employee. Several have had required projects from their school and we have partnered to achieve those goals.


Our CNUC interns are field-based doing tree inventory, customer contacting, and data collecting to pass their information to tree crews who will follow up and do the work in a few weeks. They will have several self-improvement projects like a book report, a tree identification log, a daily journal, and more.


Interns for CNUC should know something about trees and how to interact with customers. Often they have worked at retail or other customer service opportunities. The tree identification does not have to be in great depth but it helps to give them confidence that this tree is a Sugar Maple vs a Hackberry when talking with customers. Their CNUC employee mentor will help develop this skill but it helps to know a dozen or more of the common Indiana trees as a foundation. The power utility industry equipment is fairly easy to learn (What's on a Power Pole? ( and will be reivewed by their mentor as well.

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