Engineering Intern

Last Updated:Aug 3rd, 2022


Engineering Intern

Type: In Person
Location: FRANKLIN
Application Due Date: Aug. 22, 2022
Starts: Aug. 22, 2022
Structure: Project Based
Full Time
Part Time


NSK Americas is a global manufacturer or automotive bearings and a leader in the industry. We are looking for an Engineering Intern to join the team. We are currently upgrading out lock out tag program to BradyLink and need assistance doing so. The Engineering Intern will work closely with our Engineering department and Environmental Health and Safety Specialist to assist on a special safety project. The project revolves around transfering over LOTO information to the new Bradylink database. This internship will be PAID and give you a chance to develop skills and gain industry experience. The internship will end upon completion of the project, but is expected to take 3-6 months. It can be part-time or full-time.  Interested? Apply today! 


  1. Manually transfer existing (excel) LOTO information into the Bradylink database (Bradylink will has drop down menus, won't be extremely difficult)
  2. Review the individual machine LOTO requirements with applicable engineer & obtain approval
  3. Print and mount Bradylink plaque
  4. Mount utility symbols (ex. - "P" sticker next to the pneumatic shutoff valve)



1. Communication Skills- will need to review Bradylink output with engineers

2. Basic Computer Skills (excel, etc)


1. General understanding of production safety systems (Does not need to be an expert, but some familiarity would be a plus)

2. Basic understanding of production machines (Again, not an expert,  but basic understanding of a grinder vs. late vs. assembly equiptment)

3. Experience or knowledge of LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out systems) 

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