Writing Assistant Intern

Last Updated:Jul 26th, 2022


Writing Assistant Intern

Type: Virtual
Location: Virtual
Application Due Date: Aug. 15, 2022
Starts: Aug. 15, 2022
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


Our mission is to help the underbanked and low-income people spend more online. Therefore, the Brisebox website was created to serve both of those groups respectively. The site (1) helps the underbanked share the price of a desired online purchase before Brisebox issues the shopper a prepaid spending card, and (2) allows low-income shoppers split their payments using more than one credit card when paying online. Similarly to our mission, Suitemecard and AfterPay, currently join us in helping these groups spend on and own more of what they desire. 

As an intern, you are not full time. Therefore, you will work at least 8 weeks in a startup setting (or remotely), 12 to 20 hours a week during the academic year (12-40 hours during summer). You will use drafts, writing and crm tools to create and manage publishable content. Through this, you will learn about the different techniques of spreading awareness through writing and PR, on websites and social media. You will learn what it takes to segment content to potentially reach certain groups such as the underbanked and low-income communities, and more importantly you will complete work tasks that provide career exploration and preparation.


This position is 25% administrative (clerical) work, and 75% content creation.


Contribute to project design or development  

Develop and carry-out a marketing plan or business strategy   

Develop writing and web style content strategies  

Contact and relationship management and general customer service  

Participate in networking opportunities  

Write reports, handbooks, manuals or newsletters   

Coordinate and perform education/outreach  

Develop presentations posters, charts and graphs   

Respond to inquiries, leads and referrals  

Create and maintain database or record, research, studies or surveys   

Participate in various staff meetings in more than one department/level


Possesses some knowledge of technical writing and a general understanding of web style content writing.

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