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Last Updated:Jan 22nd, 2024

Rose of Sharon All Naturals

Student Intern

Category: Manufacturing
Type: In Person
Location: Indianapolis
Application Due Date: Mar. 1, 2024
Starts: Mar. 1, 2024
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


We are a wellness business that provides products to everyday consumers and retail chains.  We have been in business for the last 3 years and we have worked hard to build up a great repetition when it comes to our products and services. 

We are seeking an intern to increase our efforts to grow and scale into other markets.  As an intern, one would gain quite a few experiences with working at our company.  Skills such as manufacturing skills, inventory management skills, organization skills and effective leadership skills.  All the skills mentioned and more will be taught and trained by the CEO so that one can become acquainted with the ever-changing workflow when comes to customer acquisition and making sure that our best is given with every order that flows out the door. Tasks that are assigned will be easy to manage. There will be opportunities to provide feedback on operations to improve to assist with gaining more leadership skills.  After all, we would like to be sure that whoever works with us is allowed to not only grow but also succeed at tasks/projects that are assigned to use in everyday application during and after the internship has ended. 


The Intern will work in a kitchen environment and duties and will participate in kitchen staff duties. This may involve assisting with food preparation, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring smooth operations. They will learn about health and safety regulations, teamwork, and the importance of efficient service delivery.

The intern will work closely with the ROS senior team, observing and participating in the production process which will provide them with a solid understanding of manufacturing techniques, quality control, and the overall production workflow. The intern will assist with fulfilling and organizing incoming wholesale orders and direct-to-consumer orders.

Additionally, the intern will closely interact with online customers via email, SMS, print and social media and they will learn how to effectively address customer inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally. By doing so it  will enhance their written communication skills and teach them how to handle customer interactions with tact and empathy. While handling customer complaints or manufacturing issues, the intern will develop problem-solving abilities. They will learn to analyze problems, identify root causes, and propose effective solutions. This skill will be invaluable in tackling challenges that arise during manufacturing operations.

The intern will work closely with staff to understand inventory management, stock rotation, and shipment processes. They will learn to handle and organize materials efficiently, ensuring that the production line has the necessary resources. This experience will provide insights into logistics, inventory control, and supply chain management.

Interns will be shown by the senior team how to prioritize tasks and manage their time efficiently to ensure that production targets are met. They will gain experience in planning, organizing, and executing tasks within the allocated time frame that will further enhance and help prioritize time and efficiency through the use of time management.

The intern will assist with preparing for community vending and popup events by coordinating and confirming event details, setting up for events, working at the booth to increase sales and participating in demoing products.

Last, the Intern will be asked to assist with a company's social media presence which will provide the intern with a broad range of skills including social media management, digital marketing, communication, analytics, and problem-solving. These skills are highly valuable in today's digital age and can be transferred to various industries and roles within the marketing and communications field. Interacting with followers and responding to comments and messages will improve the intern's communication skills. They will learn how to effectively communicate brand messaging, engage with customers, and provide excellent customer service. This includes developing skills in writing engaging and professional responses, managing potential crises or negative feedback, and maintaining a positive brand image.



Interns should have an outgoing personality to ensure the customer experience is pleasant.

Interns must understand basic math and calculation skills.

Interns should be able to communicate professionally verbally and in writing.

Interns must understand time management is important by being punctual and dedicated to tasks as they are assigned and completed on time. 

Must have reliable transportation to and from the job site.



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