Billing and Revenue Specialist

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Last Updated:Jun 24th, 2024

Paris Counseling LLC

Billing and Revenue Specialist

Type: Hybrid
Location: Greenwood
Application Due Date: Jun. 14, 2024
Starts: Jun. 23, 2024
Structure: Standard
Full Time
Part Time


Paris Counseling is a reputable mental health agency based in Greenwood, IN.  Our mission is to provide high-quality counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in need of mental health support. We have a team of experienced therapists who specialize in various areas such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues.

Our internship program at Paris Counseling is designed to provide hands-on experience and comprehensive training in billing and revenue management within a mental health agency setting. Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with the owner and administrative staff to learn the ins and outs of billing procedures, client invoicing, and revenue collection.


Supervision, Training, and Mentorship:

  1. Owner and Senior Billing Specialist: Interns will receive direct supervision, training, and mentorship from the owner of Paris Counseling and our senior billing specialist. They will guide interns through the billing software, explain billing processes, and provide ongoing support throughout the internship.


  1. Administrative Staff: Interns will also have the opportunity to work alongside our administrative staff who handle client records, scheduling, and other administrative tasks related to billing. They will receive training on how to integrate billing procedures into overall administrative workflows.
  1. Regular Check-ins and Feedback Sessions: Interns will have regular check-ins and feedback sessions with their supervisors to discuss progress, address any challenges, and set learning goals.

Learning Goals for the Intern:

  1. Understanding Billing Software: Gain proficiency in using the billing software utilized by Paris Counseling for client invoicing and revenue management.
  2. Billing Procedures: Learn the step-by-step process of billing clients for counseling services, including verifying insurance coverage, submitting claims, and processing payments.
  3. Revenue Collection: Understand the importance of timely revenue collection and learn strategies for tracking outstanding balances and following up with clients for payment.
  4. Compliance and Regulations: Familiarize oneself with the legal and ethical regulations governing billing practices in the mental health field, including confidentiality and privacy laws.


As an intern at Paris Counseling, you will be tasked with various responsibilities related to billing, revenue management, and client communication. Your role will be crucial in ensuring the efficient processing of payments, maintaining accurate financial records, and supporting the overall administrative operations of the agency.

1. Billing Clients:
   - Generate and process invoices for counseling services provided to clients.
   - Verify client insurance coverage and accurately determine copayments or deductibles.
   - Input billing information into the agency's billing software system with precision and attention to detail.
   - Ensure that billing is completed promptly and accurately following established procedures.

2. Calling Insurance Companies:
   - Contact insurance companies to verify coverage details, authorization requirements, and claim status.
   - Follow up on submitted claims to resolve any issues or discrepancies in a timely manner.
   - Communicate effectively with insurance representatives to gather necessary information for claims processing.

3. Calling Clients:
   - Handle incoming and outgoing calls from clients regarding billing inquiries, payment arrangements, and insurance-related matters.
   - Provide clear and concise information to clients regarding their financial responsibilities and available payment options.
   - Assist clients in resolving billing disputes or discrepancies with empathy and professionalism.4.

Accounts Receivable:
   - Monitor accounts receivable to ensure timely collection of payments from clients and insurance companies.
   - Track outstanding balances and follow up with clients through phone calls or emails to facilitate payment.
   - Maintain accurate records of payment transactions and update financial databases accordingly.

5. Scanning Explanation of Benefits (EOBs):
   - Scan and digitize Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) received from insurance companies for documentation and record-keeping purposes.
   - Organize and maintain electronic files of EOBs in accordance with agency protocols.
   - Collaborate with administrative staff to ensure that EOBs are processed efficiently and accurately.

Internship Learning Objectives:
   - Develop proficiency in using billing software and other administrative tools.
   - Gain practical experience in billing procedures and revenue management within a mental health agency.
   - Enhance communication skills through interactions with clients, insurance companies, and internal staff.
   - Acquire knowledge of insurance billing practices, including claim submission and reimbursement processes.
   - Demonstrate attention to detail and accuracy in handling financial transactions and documentation.

Throughout your internship, you will receive supervision, training, and mentorship from the owner, senior billing specialist, and administrative staff. Regular feedback sessions will be conducted to support your learning and professional development in the field of billing and revenue management.


College student working in the area of finance or math or billing. Looking for a candiated that can do billing 1-3 hours each day (at any time of the day). 

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